Friday, 4 October 2013

Acclaimed as a city councillor for my third term in office

I am not sure if it is record, but Mayor Anthony Housefather and seven of eight members of city council were formally acclaimed to office on October 4, 2013 at 4:30 p.m. I was among them and I now look forward to my third term as the city councillor for District 2.
Congratulations to Mayor Housefather and Councillors Steven Erdelyi, Dida Berku, Allan J. Levine, Mitchell Brownstein, Glenn J. Nashen and Ruth Kovac. Best of luck to District  1 Councillor Sam Goldbloom, who must continue to campaign for re-election on Sunday, November 3. He will face two opponents:  Marissa Sidel and Stewart Wiseman.

Sam Goldbloom (top second to  the right) shares a moment of happiness for the seven acclaimed councillors. Mayor Housfather was out of town on business.
I wish to thank my family. Reuben Spector, my father in law, is three for three as my official agent and campaign manager. Big hugs to my mother in law, my wife and daughter and my mom for all of their support. To my late father Larry, who  was very proud to see me on council, I know you are smiling somewhere.
Officially being sworn in by Jonathan Shecter.
While the formal installation of our reconstituted council will take place after November 3, City Clerk and  Director of Elections Jonathan Shecter did swear those of us in who were acclaimed. For Allan J. Levine, the noted former math and science teacher from Wagar High School, this was the first time he has been acclaimed in 25 years. I had that distinction four years ago, after first winning office in 2005 with more than 92 percent of the vote.

I worked hard on my campaign, going door to door several times a week and meeting with constituents. It is a very rewarding experience. It has all been chronicled in my special campaign blog. I look forward to representing District 2 for another four years. We have a remarkable council and clearly enjoy the full support of our electorate.

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