Sunday, 22 September 2013

A visit to the Parkside 21 Condominium

With Barry Rotschild.
The Parkside 21 Town House Condominium Complex got its name for being next to Rembrandt Park and having 21 units. Seven are on Rembrandt Avenue, with steps to climb, while the remaining 14 share a nice common courtyard. They also have a seasonal outdoor pool, a common indoor garage and a guest parking lot.

I knocked on every door and many of the residents had me come inside and sit down to chat. It was a real pleasure to formally meet Barry Rotschild, his wife Patricia and their beautiful nine month old daughter Sofia. is part of the six-person board which manages the complex. That is quite a responsibility given the fact there are absolutely no paid staff.

Sofia really likes that Mike Cohen electoral card Patricia is holding.
Questions and concerns dealt with issues related to Rembrandt Park, speeding in the area and traffic at the busy corner of Kildare and Cavendish. A number of the residents here have communicated with me regularly by email and that I truly appreciate. One such case involved restricted parking on Kildare Road for certain days of the week. Over a period of time I repeatedly brought this to the attention of our Traffic Committee and council, ultimately working out  a resolution to the problem. Now, when those living on the Kildare side of the complex come home from work they can leave their cars on the street for the evening instead of always having to go back in their garage.

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