Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Meet the two newest kittens in CSL District 2

Bravo to District 2 resident Brandee Adler.

She and her husband have three children and a dog. Now add two gorgeous kittens to the family.

I stopped by the house to see Brandee and family during one of my door to door evenings this week upon learning via Facebook about the wonderful thing they did. As the city councillor responsible for the Côte Saint-Luc Cats Committee and a strong advocate for people to step forward when there are kittens in need, I applaud them.

These were babies born from a homeless mother cat. Brandee's sister took the other three kitties from the litter while the mom was sterilized so she won't bring anymore unwanted animals into the world.
My two newest feline constituents: Coco and Molly

The kittens are about two months old and still small enough to practically fit in the palm of my hand. They will be sterilized and Brandee plans to keep them as indoor cats only, something I wish every cat owner would do.

Anyone who wishes to get involved with our committee as a volunteer or to foster can email me at

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