Sunday, 8 September 2013

Les Villas Sur Le Parc Rembrandt

With Jay Gilletz
Les Villas Sur Le Parc Rembrandt is an attractive 12 year old town house condominium project, with most of the units located on Merrimac Road facing Rembrandt Park and the others on Cavendish Boulevard near the Heywood turnaround.

Prior to going door to door I first met with Jay Gilletz, the president of the Condominium Association, who took me for a walk through of the property. There were a number of things Jay pointed out which I will bring to the attention of city departments. Two years ago residents here complained about graffiti on their property. I was able to arrange a walk through with officers of local Police Station 9 and a subsequent followup of the situation. We were able to put an end to the problem.
Resident Alex Halpern signs my nomination forms.
When  this complex was built, the city required that a walkway be constructed which would allow pedestrians to make their way from Rembrandt to Cavendish. This is very convenient for all concerned. We take care of the snow clearing in the winter.

Once you reach Cavendish, we have two crosswalks for people to get to the stairs leading to the underpass. Over the years we have installed a number of deterrents to slow cars down, including poles in the ground and street level warning signs. Our traffic engineer has spent time on the scene evaluating traffic speeds. This,  I believe, needs to be repeated. I will come back myself this week and do my own personal evaluation, probably on the same day I join Archie the crossing guard at  the busy corner of Cavendish and Kildare.

There were several dog owners on the property, some of whom requested the city look into allowing leashed canines in our parks.

Howard Smith greets me at his door.

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