Sunday, 15 September 2013

My first visit to the new Park Place

I am very proud to be the city councillor for most of the new streets in the new housing development at Quartier Cavendish.  Homes on Park Place, Cavendish Boulevard, Kildare Road and Jubilee Avenue are in  District 2. Those on the new section of Kellert Avenue fall in Councillor Glenn J. Nashen's District 6.
Marcel Merims and Liliane Zlate welcome Joe Levine and I into their home.
As part of my door to door campaign I spent two hours on September 15 introducing myself to the residents of Park Place. It was quite appropriate as my car pulled up on the street to see Joe Levine arriving at the same time. Joe and his son Jason (a constituent of mine) run Dubelle Developments and they are chiefly responsible for the housing development at Quartier Cavendish they dubbed Centrepoint.   Joe was at the home of the Merims Zlate family. Marcel Merims owns the very popular Bucarest Deli. They welcomed me inside and told me how happy they are to be in the neighbourhood. Joe is pleased with how everything is going. When I first came into office eight years ago, the redevelopment of the Mall property was high priority for us. A lot of time was spent to get just the right match for this area and I think we succeeded. As for Joe Levine, he has brought so many beautiful projects to our city already: the homes on Ilan Ramon, Cambridge Courts and Chelsea Courts.
Hanan Merims Zlate  can vote in nine years.

The homes on Park Place are just beautiful. Some of them are part of a town house development, whereby they share a common underground garage and a courtyard.  which connects to the other section fronting Cavendish Boulevard. The stand alone homes are spectacular. This is still a construction zone, with some homes yet to be completed. The same goes for neighbouring Jubilee and Kildare Road.

Most of the residents were  so warm and welcoming. Some of them were already constituents of mine from other parts of District 6. Then there were happy surprises  like David Epstein and Heather Nathens, who I have know  for many years but did not realize had moved to Park Place. We had a splendid reunion. 
Seyed Hayeni was proud to show me his house that he himself built.

Residents here recognize there will be growing pains on this new street. I took note of some issues they wanted followed up and I will do so without delay.

Côte Saint-Luc is indeed growing and Park Place is one of the reasons why.

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  1. Hello Mike,
    It was a big surprise to see you at our place last evening , then I was so happy to see the pictures today...Because of emotions, I did not realised immediately, but after you left, I knew I saw you at Royal Vale at the opening night on Thursday...the big world is so small...
    It was a real pleasure to meet you in person!
    Thank you very much for taking the time to visit us.
    Lili Zlate and family