Thursday, 12 September 2013

It's official: Rembrandt Park Tennis Courts to get a facelift and new lights

During the spring and summer months, the Rembrandt Park tennis courts in District 2 are popular and well utilized. I devoted a lot of energy in terms of ensuring that improvements are made at this park, from new playground equipment, the removal of the soccer pit and the addition of a water spray apparatus.
One of the Rembrandt Park tennis courts as they look now.

The one constant complaint I have received from the tennis players in particular regard the condition of the courts and poor lighting. There were a lot of potential plans to change things at Rembrandt. At one point we looked at adding two more courts, eliminating the basketball courts (replacing it with a single hoop) and perhaps allowing some parking on site. I conducted a number of focus groups on the issue and there was resistance. In the meantime the city signed a long term lease with the school board to use the Wagar courts on Caldwell and proceeded to renovate them last year. As part of that budget, I formally requested of my council that some funds be reserved for Rembrandt and that did occur.

Thanks to City Councillor Allan J. Levine, who handles the tennis dossier, for his help.

At our Monday, September 9 meeting  I was pleased to move a resolution to accept a tender for the resurfacing of the tennis courts and the renovation of the lighting system.The lowest confirming bidder was Les Enterprises Canbec Construction at $167,083.13 plus applicable taxes.

This resolution was adopted immediately, which means work can begin soon. The painting of the courts will wait until warmer weather returns next spring. To all of my constituents who so much wanted this to occur (especially a man whose wife calls him Mlotek), I am pleased that I was able to get this passed before the end of my second mandate on council.

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