Monday, 30 September 2013

Meeting with senior condo management

I spent some time  these last few days with some of the leadership from highrise condominiums in District 2.
With Valerie Gibson.

Valerie Gibson, an athletic trainer originally from Russia, met me in the lobby of the grand 5790 Rembrandt building. Valerie and an entirely new executive were voted into office last year. This facility is more than 40 years old. I recall going to a bar mitzvah there 37 years ago when there was a party room, since converted to a gym. There are 96 units.

At Le Marquise on Marc Chagall, Mike Cuplowsky is the past president with Martin Goldsmith now at the helm. Mike, who has been a tremendous contact, remains on the board. I sat down with him and Eddie Bornstein, a resident of this building and the manager of the Bellagio and Le Rothchild I condos next door. 
With Mike Cuplowsky.

In this area of Marc Chagall people want to know what we are doing with the land across the street, news about the snow dump and whether there are any plans for development on the land between the Marquise and the Rothchild.

With Eddie Bornstein.
Well, the construction people see next to Les Cours Chagall townhouses is actually for some beautiful and permanent park benches we promised some time ago. For the snow dump, an agreement to allow Hampstead to continue to dump there will be up for a vote at our Tuesday, October 1 public meeting.  We will once again place money in the budget to chop the thick snow up in the spring to make the ugly hill disappear. As for the vacant land, we do not hear anything about possible construction.  When I was first elected, developers planned to build two 16 storey twin towers. It did not sell, they abandoned the project and we have not heard from them in years. With the Quartier Cavendish housing development and soon Griffith McConnell on  Parkhaven, there is probably time before someone takes a look at the Marc Chagall land.

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