Monday, 23 September 2013

New police commander meets with council and hears District 2 concerns

Over the course of my door to door campaign, I have received many requests and concerns related to traffic safety, moving violations and areas in need of police surveillance. Police Station 9, which covers Côte Saint-Luc, Hampstead and Montreal West, has a new commander in Marc Cournoyer. He succeeded Sylvain Bissonnette at the beginning of September.

While members of council had the opportunity to meet Commander Cournoyer recently, I thought it would be appropriate to have him meet us in a caucus session with his lieutenant Jean-Pierre Theoret. Such was the case on Monday evening, September 23. We spent 45 minutes with the commander. Each of us provided a brief introduction of our roles on council and the constituencies we cover. Furthermore, we all touched upon hot button issues in our district. This was a very productive exercise. Commander Cournoyer and Lt. Theoret were taking notes feverishly.
Commander Cournoyer and Lt. Theoret take notes.

Where District 2 is concerned, I spoke about traffic safety and parking violations around Bialik High School; stop sign infractions at the corners of Kildare Road and Merrimac and Sir Walter Scott; speeding on Marc Chagall in front of the new Les Cours Chagall Town Houses,  on Rembrandt Avenue and on Cavendish near the overpass turnaround at Heywood; loitering in Rembrandt Park and suspicious behavior during certain hours.

We spoke about the busy corner of Cavendish Boulevard and Kildare Road, asking for his evaluation about automobile and pedestrian traffic.

Lt. Theoret has been with Station 9 for three years and previously worked with Commander Cournoyer in St. Laurent.   He also has a number of key staff who have served the community for many years. I believe we are in good hands.

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