Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Door to Door: A visit to Ilan Ramon Crescent

Even before  I was first elected as the city councillor in Côte Saint-Luc District 2, I had a soft spot for Ilan Ramon Crescent. This was a brand new street built up just over a decade ago by noted developer Joe Levine, off of Kildare Road and next to Sir Walter Scott Avenue. It was named after the brave Israeli astronaut who tragically lost his life in a space shuttle disaster.

Because I live close by, I took a lot of walks there. The homes are beautiful and the street nice and peaceful. Most of the families know each other and there are many young children. Two homes connected to this development are actually on Sir Walter Scott Avenue. There is actually room to build more and I am told that the person who owns the vacant land is saving for some very young family members one day. In the meantime, he keeps the property nice and clean.

About a  year before I ran I met Boris Myschkowski, the happily married father of five. Boris had traffic safety concerns. While I had not yet been elected, I nonetheless arranged a meeting with the Police Station 9 Commander at the time, René Allard. A police presence was enforced. Once elected, I communicated regularly with Boris and many of his neighbours. Our head of Urban Development, Charles Senekal and City Councillor responsible for transportation Glenn J. Nashen,  have been especially helpful. We have special signage and even painted graphics on the road installed to warn motorists to slow down.  

At the door of Frank Palucci.
One young family asked me if a crosswalk and stop sign could be installed at the corner of Sir Walter Scott and Kildare Road. Again, there was  a need to slow traffic down and give people with strollers and young children a better chance to cross the street. This was done.

On September 10, Boris joined me for my door to door on Ilan Ramon Crescent. It was a pleasure to meet constituents like Frank Palucci and Avi Kimchi, whom I speak to often. There were a number of new residents whom I was able to welcome to the neighbourhood. I was saddened to learn of others who are moving on elsewhere.
Young travel agent David Mayer coming home from work.

Good luck to young David Mayer, who is launching a new online travel business called Wingbuddy.com. He was excited to share the news with me when  I knocked on his family's door. His business is merging with a group which has 30 years of service making travel connections so his site will definitely be worth a visit.

Thank you Ilan Ramon Crescent!

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